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  • _plugins_/noizetier/trunk/lang/noizetier_en.php

    r117883 r117894  
    2020        'bouton_configurer_noisettes_objet' => 'Configure for this content',
    2121        'bulle_activer_composition' => 'Enable compositions on the content type "@type@"',
     22        'bulle_configurer_composition_noisettes' => 'Configure the nuts of the composition',
    2223        'bulle_configurer_objet_noisettes' => 'Configure nuts specific to this content',
    2324        'bulle_configurer_page_noisettes' => 'Configure the nuts of the page',
    3233        'configurer_ajax_noisette_label' => 'Inclusion Ajax',
    3334        'configurer_balise_noisette_label' => 'Wrapping',
     35        'configurer_dynamique_noisette_label' => 'Dynamic inclusion',
    3436        'configurer_objets_noisettes_explication' => 'On these types of content, it will be allowed to customize the nuts <strong>content by content</strong>.',
    3537        'configurer_objets_noisettes_label' => 'Allow customization by content on:',
    3638        'configurer_profondeur_max_label' => 'Imbrication depth',
    3739        'configurer_titre' => 'Plugin noiZetier configuration',
     40        'configurer_types_noisettes_masques_explication' => 'Check the types of nuts <strong>do not want</strong> to offer  when adding a nut .',
     41        'configurer_types_noisettes_masques_label' => 'Types of nuts available',
    3842        'copie_de' => 'Copy of @source@',
    5458        'erreur_ajout_noisette' => 'The following nuts have not been added: @noisettes@',
    5559        'erreur_aucune_noisette_selectionnee' => 'You must select a nut!',
     60        'erreur_deplacement_noisette' => 'The nut @noisette@ has not been moved.',
    5661        'erreur_doit_choisir_noisette' => 'You have to choose a nut.',
    5762        'erreur_mise_a_jour' => 'An error occurred while updating the database.',
    5863        'erreur_page_inactive' => 'The page is inactive because the following plugins are disabled: @plugins@.',
     64        'erreur_saisie_css_invalide' => 'The syntax for entering CSS is incorrect (word, hyphen and space allowed).',
    5965        'erreur_type_noisette_indisponible' => 'The nut type @type_noisette@ is no longer available because the plugin that provides this type nut must be disabled.',
    6066        'explication_code' => 'ATTENTION: for advanced users. You can specify Spip code (loops and tags) that will be interpreted as in a skeleton. Thus the nut will have access to all variables of the environment of the page.',
    6167        'explication_composition' => 'Composition derived from the page "@type@"',
    6268        'explication_composition_virtuelle' => '<Strong> virtual composition </ strong> derived from the page "@type@"',
     69        'explication_copie_noisette_conteneur' => 'The configuration parameters will apply to the container nut and also to all included nuts that will also be duplicated.',
    6370        'explication_copie_noisette_parametres' => 'Choose the configuration settings for the source nut you want to copy, otherwise the default values will be used.',
    6471        'explication_copie_pages_compatibles' => 'Choose the pages in which to create a nut of the same type as that of the source nut.',
    7380        'explication_noisette_css' => 'You can add any additional CSS classes to the capsule containing the nut.',
    7481        'explication_noizetier_balise' => 'The default encapsulation mode can be changed unitarily for each nut (setting).',
     82        'explication_noizetier_cfg_constant' => 'This value is currently defined via a constant, it cannot be changed here.',
    7583        'explication_noizetier_profondeur_max' => 'Nuts can be nested by means of container-type nuts. You can define a maximum number of nesting levels. ',
    7684        'explication_objet' => 'Type of content "@type@"',
    107115        'formulaire_icon_explication' => 'You can enter the relative path to an icon (for example : <i>images/list-item-contenus.png</i>).',
    108116        'formulaire_identifiant_deja_pris' => 'This identifier already exists!',
     117        'formulaire_import_contenu' => 'Choose the elements to import',
    109118        'formulaire_import_contenu_compositions_virtuelles' => 'Virtual compositions ',
    110119        'formulaire_liste_compos_config' => 'This configuration file defines the following Nuts Manager compositions:',
    137146        'ieconfig_non_installe' => '<b>Configuration Import/Export Plugin:</b> this plugin isn’t installed on your site. It is not necessarry to the correct working of the Nuts Manager. However, when it’s activated, you can  export and import some nuts configurations into the Nuts Manager.',
    138147        'ieconfig_probleme_import_config' => 'A problem occured while importing the Nuts Manager configuration.',
     148        'import_compositions_virtuelles_ajouter' => 'Add the virtual compositions of the import file. The virtual compositions available on the site will not be modified.',
     149        'import_compositions_virtuelles_label' => 'Virtual compositions',
     150        'import_compositions_virtuelles_remplacer' => 'Replace the virtual compositions available on the site by those of the import file',
     151        'import_configuration_avertissement' => 'The @version@ version of the noiZetier plugin active on this site has a different @schema@ schema than the import file. <b>Check the compatibility of the configurations before importing the file</b>.',
     152        'import_configuration_explication' => 'The @version@ version of the noiZetier plugin active on this site has the same @schema@ schema as the import file.',
     153        'import_configuration_label' => 'Plugin configuration',
     154        'import_noisettes_avertissement2' => 'No nuts are available in the import file. Therefore, no import is possible.',
     155        'import_noisettes_explication' => 'There are common pages or objects in the site and in the import file.',
     156        'import_noisettes_label' => 'Nuts',
     157        'import_pages_explicites_avertissement2' => 'No explicit pages or compositions available on the site. All imports are therefore unnecessary.',
     158        'import_pages_explicites_label' => 'Blocks excluded from explicit pages',
     159        'info_0_noisette' => 'No nut configured',
    139160        'info_1_noisette_ajoutee' => '1 nut has been added',
    140161        'info_composition' => 'COMPOSITION:',
    141162        'info_etendre_noisette' => 'Copy the nut @noisette@ in the block@bloc@ of other pages',
    142163        'info_nb_noisettes_ajoutees' => '@nb@ nuts have been added',
     164        'info_nb_noisettes_composition' => '@nb@ nuts for this composition',
     165        'info_nb_noisettes_objet' => '@nb@ nuts for this content',
    143166        'info_page' => 'PAGE:',
    144167        'installation_tables' => 'Installed tables of the Nuts Manager Plugin.<br />',
    225248        'suggestions' => 'Suggestions',
     250        // T
     251        'texte_noisette' => 'Nut',
     252        'texte_noisettes' => 'Nuts',
    227254        // W
    228255        'warning_noisette_plus_disponible' => 'WARNING: this nut is no longer available.',
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