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[Salvatore] noizetier Export depuis de la langue en

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  • _plugins_/noizetier/trunk/lang/noizetier.xml

    r117977 r117983  
    33                <traducteur nom="klaus++" lien="" />
    44        </langue>
    5         <langue code="en" url="" total="233" traduits="224" relire="0" modifs="0" nouveaux="9" pourcent="96.14">
     5        <langue code="en" url="" total="233" traduits="233" relire="0" modifs="0" nouveaux="0" pourcent="100.00">
    66                <traducteur nom="b_b" lien="" />
    77                <traducteur nom="Benitron" lien="" />
  • _plugins_/noizetier/trunk/lang/noizetier_en.php

    r117977 r117983  
    147147        'ieconfig_probleme_import_config' => 'A problem occured while importing the Nuts Manager configuration.',
    148148        'import_compositions_virtuelles_ajouter' => 'Add the virtual compositions of the import file. The virtual compositions available on the site will not be modified.',
     149        'import_compositions_virtuelles_avertissement1' => 'There are no virtual compositions on the site. It is just possible to import those from the import file. ',
    149150        'import_compositions_virtuelles_avertissement2' => 'No virtual composition is available in the import file. No import is therefore possible.',
    150151        'import_compositions_virtuelles_explication' => 'There are virtual compositions in the site and in the import file.',
    162163        'import_noisettes_label' => 'Nuts',
    163164        'import_noisettes_remplacer' => 'Replace, for the pages or objects concerned, the nuts currently configured for the site by the nuts in the import file',
     165        'import_pages_explicites_avertissement1' => 'There are no common explicit pages or compositions between the site and the import file. All imports are therefore unnecessary.',
    164166        'import_pages_explicites_avertissement2' => 'No explicit pages or compositions available on the site. All imports are therefore unnecessary.',
     167        'import_pages_explicites_explication' => 'There are explicit pages and compositions common between the site and the import file.',
    165168        'import_pages_explicites_label' => 'Blocks excluded from explicit pages',
     169        'import_pages_explicites_labelcase' => 'Replace the blocks excluded from the explicit pages of the site by those of the import file',
     170        'import_resume' => 'The file to import was built with the noiZetier in version@version@, data schema @schema@.',
    166171        'info_0_noisette' => 'No nut configured',
    167172        'info_0_noisette_composition' => 'No nuts for this composition',
    198203        'label_noizetier_ajax' => 'By default, include each nut in Ajax',
    199204        'label_noizetier_balise' => 'By default, include each nut in a capsule (HTML markup) ',
     205        'label_noizetier_dynamique' => 'By default, include each nut dynamically',
     206        'label_source_noisettes' => 'Nuts source',
    200207        'label_texte' => 'Text:',
    201208        'label_texte_introductif' => 'Introduction text (optional):',
    241248        // O
    242249        'operation_annulee' => 'Operation canceled.',
     250        'option_noisette_encapsulation_defaut' => 'Use the default mode configured for the noiZetier <em>(@defaut@)</em>',
     251        'option_noisette_encapsulation_non' => 'Never encapsulate the nut.',
    243252        'option_noisette_encapsulation_oui' => 'Wrap the nut',
    244253        'option_noizetier_encapsulation_non' => 'without wrapping',
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