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[Salvatore] saisies Export depuis de la langue en

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  • _plugins_/saisies/trunk/lang/saisies.xml

    r118462 r118964  
    66                <traducteur nom="Torsten Willmann" lien="" />
    77        </langue>
    8         <langue code="en" url="" total="210" traduits="206" relire="0" modifs="3" nouveaux="1" pourcent="98.10">
     8        <langue code="en" url="" total="210" traduits="209" relire="1" modifs="0" nouveaux="0" pourcent="99.52">
    99                <traducteur nom="George" lien="جورج-قندلفت" />
    1010                <traducteur nom="Hanjo" lien="" />
  • _plugins_/saisies/trunk/lang/saisies_en.php

    r118431 r118964  
    7777        'option_afficher_si_explication' => 'Specify the conditions to display the field based on the value of the other fields. The identifier of the other fields has to be entered between <code>@</code>. <br />Example <code>@selection_1@=="Toto"</code> conditions the display of the field only when field <code>selection_1</code> has a value of <code>Toto</code>.<br />
    7878It is possible to use Boolean operators <code> || </code> (or) and <code> && </code> (and).<br/>
    79 You will find <a href="" target="_blank">full documentation of the syntax on spip-contrib</a>.', # MODIF
     79You will find <a href="" target="_blank">full documentation of the syntax on contrib.spip</a>.',
    8080        'option_afficher_si_label' => 'Conditional display',
    8181        'option_afficher_si_remplissage_uniquement_explication' => 'By checking this box, the conditional display will only apply when filling in the form, not when displaying the results.',
    8282        'option_afficher_si_remplissage_uniquement_label' => 'Only when filling the form',
     83        'option_afficher_si_remplissage_uniquement_label_case' => 'Hide entries only during filling ',
    8384        'option_attention_explication' => 'A message more important than the explanation.',
    8485        'option_attention_label' => 'Warning',
    113114        'option_disable_label' => 'Disable the field',
    114115        'option_erreur_obligatoire_explication' => 'You can customize the error message displayed to show an obligation (otherwise leave blank).',
    115         'option_erreur_obligatoire_label' => 'Obligation message', # MODIF
     116        'option_erreur_obligatoire_label' => 'Error message for the obligation',
    116117        'option_explication_explication' => 'If necessary, a short sentence describing the subject field.',
    117118        'option_explication_label' => 'Explanation',
    127128        'option_horaire_label_case' => 'Allow to fill in the time',
    128129        'option_id_groupe_label' => 'Keyword group',
    129         'option_info_obligatoire_explication' => 'You can modify the default indication of obligation: <i>[Obligatoire]</i>.', # MODIF
     130        'option_info_obligatoire_explication' => 'You can change the default obligation indication: <i>[Mandatory]</i>. To keep the default information, leave it blank. To display nothing, put a text composed only of space.', # RELIRE
    130131        'option_info_obligatoire_label' => 'Indication of obligation',
    131132        'option_inserer_barre_choix_edition' => 'complete editing toolbar',
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