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langues (ortho)

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  • _grenier_/ortho/lang/ortho.xml

    r45791 r50294  
    6060        <langue code="scn" />
    6161        <langue code="sh_cyrl" />
    62         <langue code="sk" />
     62        <langue code="sk">
     63                <traducteur nom="jaro" />
     64        </langue>
    6365        <langue code="src" />
    6466        <langue code="sro" />
  • _grenier_/ortho/lang/ortho_sk.php

    r45791 r50294  
    1010        // O
    11         'ortho_ajouter_ce_mot' => 'Add this word to the dictionary', # MODIF
    12         'ortho_aucune_suggestion' => 'No suggestion was found for this word.',
    13         'ortho_avis_privacy' => 'Spip contains a spell checker. However, before enabling it, please read the following paragraph carefully:',
     11        'ortho_ajouter_ce_mot' => 'Pridať toto slovo do slovníka',
     12        'ortho_aucune_suggestion' => 'Pre toto slovo sa nenašiel žiaden návrh.',
     13        'ortho_avis_privacy' => 'SPIP obsahuje kontrolu preklepov. Predtým, ako ju aktivujete, si však, prosím, pozorne prečítajte nasledujúci odsek:',
    1414        'ortho_avis_privacy2' => 'In order to check the spelling of a text, the site will send the list of words to be checked to an external "spelling server", which people of the Spip community have made available. The words are mixed up before being sent in order to maintain some level of confidentiality. If you are concerned about your data, do not activate this option (and withdraw all your information from the web at once).',
    15         'ortho_ce_mot_connu' => 'This word is in the site\'s dictionary.', # MODIF
     15        'ortho_ce_mot_connu' => 'Toto slovo sa nachádza v slovníku stránky.',
    1616        'ortho_description' => '               <div class=\'verdana2\'>Spip contains a spell checker. However, before enabling it, please read the following paragraph carefully:</div>
    1717               <div class=\'verdana2\'><blockquote class=\'spip\'><p>
    1919               </p></blockquote></div>',
    2020        'ortho_dico_absent' => 'No dictionary was found for this language',
    21         'ortho_mode_demploi' => 'Urecognised words have been highlighted in red. Click on these words to see suggested corrections.',
    22         'ortho_mots_a_corriger' => 'words to correct',
     21        'ortho_mode_demploi' => 'Nerozoznané slová boli zvýraznené červenou farbou. Kliknite na ne a zobrazia sa navrhované opravy.',
     22        'ortho_mots_a_corriger' => 'slová na opravu',
    2323        'ortho_orthographe' => 'Pravopis',
    24         'ortho_supprimer_ce_mot' => 'Remove this word from the dictionary', # MODIF
    25         'ortho_trop_de_fautes' => 'Your text contains too many mistakes! In order to avoid overloading the system, no corrections have been suggested.',
     24        'ortho_supprimer_ce_mot' => 'Odstrániť toto slovo zo slovníka',
     25        'ortho_trop_de_fautes' => 'Vo vašom texte je priveľa chýba! Aby sa predišlo preťaženiu systému, žiadne opravy neboli navrhnuté.',
    2626        'ortho_trop_de_fautes2' => 'Start by correcting the most obvious mistakes, then try again.',
    27         'ortho_verif_impossible' => 'The system cannot check the spelling of this text.',
     27        'ortho_verif_impossible' => 'Systém nemôže skontrolovať preklepy v tomto texte.',
    2828        'ortho_verifier' => 'Kontrola pravopisu'
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